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Starting TheHomeschoolWebsite.com

At Texas A&M, like most colleges, there is a way to search online for the classes you might take the next semester. You are able to filter the classes by several criteria and read summaries of each class. I started to wonder if there was something similar homeschoolers could use.

I found several sites that list different organizations of interest to homeschoolers, but many of these sites are either extremely incomplete, or not well maintained (lots of dead links). There were maybe one or two well maintained and fairly extensive listings of organizations, but even then it was was difficult to search to find what you were looking for. There were no sites that allowed you to search for classes. This means that if you were looking for a biology class, for example, you would have to go to every co-ops site, figure out how they listed their classes, and then see if they offered biology or not. This is time consuming and it is easy to miss classes.

I decided to create a site that would allow co-ops to upload their classes and would allow homeschoolers to search for all the classes in their area. I thought this shouldn't be too difficult. There are so many websites that allow you to search for classes, or groups, or locations. Surely there's a website builder that will do it for me, right? No, not at all, at least, not that I was able to find.

I found a software experts forum and asked what they recommended. This started a long and difficult process to learn how to use Drupal, a website development software. It took me several days of non-stop work to even figure out how to install it and another week to even figure out how to even create basic website, much less one that would do what I wanted it to.